Pi Studio - Brand review questionaire

What % annual revenue Pilates vs. Training?
Include demographics (age, sex, lifestyle etc.) as well as customer motivations, buying influences and habits in as much detail as possible.
Where possible, please provide names, links to websites and descriptions of their products/services and any specific likes/dislikes.
In as much detail as possible, please identify Pi’s unique selling points and core values.
Where possible, please provide names and links to websites.
We know you are starting to develop the Flow side of your business, please provide relevant links to business you align with.
We will obviously steer this, but would be good to have your take on it at this stage, to ensure we cover any key areas for you.
(i.e. What would you like to take away from the workshop?)
(e.g. Website, print promotions, social media…)
1. This time next year? 2. In 3 years time? 3. In 10 years time?