Team Building - White Triangle style!

This weekend we decided to get together outside of the office for some team building – White Triangle style! Naturally this included making the most of our stunning surroundings at the base of Mont Blanc.

Team building in the mountains

A couple of our freelancers flew in to join our adventure, starting out nice and easy of course… with a 3295m ascent up the Grand Montets (we took the lift)!

After a stunning trip to the lookout point, picnic and short trek with an awe-inspiring view of the glacier, we were all ready for a delicious team BBQ. 

The next day brought a new challenge - outdoor climbing at Les Gaillands.

Our creative director Steph led the way, and with some heaving hoisting and sheer determination, we all cheered each other up to the very top of the climb! After taking a moment to soak in the incredible view and feel rather chuffed with ourselves, we abseiled back down to safety and a well-deserved beer. 

“I had a fantastic time in Chamonix with the White Triangle team! It was a great opportunity to collaborate creative ideas whilst soaking up the beauty of the Alps. Venturing into the great outdoors with the team was so much fun and learning new skills like rock climbing was one of my personal highlights of the trip.

Remembering to ‘get outside more’ is definitely something I took home with me. I’ve been making more time to explore the UK countryside - it’s amazing how even 5 minutes of fresh air can really help if I get a creative block.
— Matt Cooper, WT Freelance Designer

Thanks to the White Triangle team for an awesome weekend!

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