Caring for our environment...

CREA Mont Blanc

At White Triangle we’re forever in awe of our alpine surroundings and we value the importance of protecting our natural environment and local wildlife. The impacts of climate change are particularly evident in the mountains and we are dedicated to supporting organisations who strive to make a difference. 

CREA Mont-Blanc is a non-profit working just down the road from us in Chamonix.

They’re a research centre specialising in Alpine ecosystems. The organisation was born of a desire to better understand and share knowledge of the fascinating mountain environments and ecosystems around us.


We are super excited to be working with CREA Mont Blanc this year on some fascinating creative projects.

We will be helping them to communicate their latest research about climate change and its impact on our local environment and native wildlife. 

Recently their focus has been on addressing the issues facing a 21st century world: what is our relationship with nature, how is climate change affecting mountain environments, and how can we use lessons from this extreme environment to develop our capacity for change.

From their base - at Joseph Vallot’s historic Mont Blanc Observatory - they host visiting researchers and scientists, mountain professionals , business leaders and artists; collaborating with them and sharing their knowledge about the impacts of climate change on mountain environments.

CREA research
We consider both science and the mountains as part of a grand adventure allowing us to better understand the world around us.” 
— Anne Delestrade, Founder and Director of CREA Mont-Blanc

CREA Mont-Blanc is especially keen to invite members of the public to get involved with their fascinating research, aiming to de-mystify science for the public via programs that people with no specific expertise can participate in.  

CREA hike

Based in the Alps and fancy getting involved?

All local citizens are invited to come to monthly Science Sandwich lunchtime conferences at the Observatory, or to volunteer with CREA Mont-Blanc, observing and recording the rhthyms of the seasons and helping them understand how different species react to climate change.