What's key to a great business card?

Success is on the cards when you've got business cards that convey the right message. 

Business cards do more than just give people your contact info; they are a powerful part of your brand image. This little card can make or break a potential client's first impression of your business, so make sure it does the job well.

Read on to discover our 4 top tips...

1. Keep it simple

It's tempting to get carried away, but sometimes the most effective design is the most simple. An uncluttered card not only looks more professional, but it will be easier to read too.


2. Strong branding

Make sure your business card reflects your brand. Your design should compliment the image you want your company to project. Take time choosing the right typeface and colour palette and most importantly make sure you are consistent with any other brand stationery or marketing collateral you already have.


3. Clear contact information

Choose a typeface and size that is clearly legible. Remember to include your web URL and ask someone to proof read your design before sending it on to the printers (it's very easy to add an extra '0' to a phone number by mistake!).



A memorable business card will kick start a networking conversation and help spur new relationships. Think about going for a different shape/size, using an unorthodox material such as plastic or metal, a weighty/textured paper or perhaps embossing/foil stamping your text.

Want to present a professional image people will remember?

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