Why build a microsite for your business?

Microsites can be a powerful tool in your marketing strategy and are primarily built to focus on a specific product, project or campaign.

For example, we recently designed a new microsite for Nexus GB, to promote their RUGGEDrive™ products (USB technology wrapped in ultra rugged packaging for industrial use). This has enabled the team at Nexus to drive targeted web traffic directly to focused sales pages, whilst giving customers and prospects a fast, direct path to the product information they require.

We developed a strong but simple site design to clearly reflect the rugged nature of the Nexus brand, showcasing the smart design of their products, whilst ensuring the information presented was easy to digest and logical to navigate. 

And what did they think of it?

"White Triangle really listened and took the time to get under the skin of our products.  Their creative execution is second to none and we were delighted with the design of our new microsite." - Victoria Barrett, Sales & Marketing, Nexus GB


Interested in building a microsite to promote one of your products or services?

Here are 5 top benefits…


1. Increased brand awareness

With a microsite dedicated to your product, project or campaign, this will help increase awareness not only of the specific item, but also your brand. It will also help increase the overall excitement around the subject of the microsite. People will have a better experience by being able to find what they are looking for with fewer pages to navigate, compared to your main website. In short, microsites are designed to be attractive and to the point!


2. focused path & CONTENT

A microsite helps give your prospects and customers a place to go to find out more about a particular product, project or campaign they are interested in. Compared to a larger website, a microsite provides a more focused path and clearer presentation of more targeted information. Since it highlights and features only a specific product or service, your microsite gives potential customers a smoother and faster shopping experience. No distraction from other products equals higher and faster buyer ratings.


3. Faster development

With less pages and content, microsites are easier and faster to develop. Microsites are a great solution if you have a seasonal product or campaign with a short lifespan. You can put up the microsite quickly and then take it down as soon as the campaign is complete.


4. Cost efficiency

Microsites are great if you are on a tight marketing budget. They are less expensive since they are less involved than a large website. They are also easier to maintain and more affordable than adding to a bigger website. Plus, they are the perfect experimental tool if you want to test out a campaign, but don’t want to risk damaging your existing web presence.


5. Search benefits 

Since a microsite has its own URL, your firm will now have another website that prospects and clients can land on to learn about you. The microsite will contain an assortment of keyword-rich language specific to the topic of the site, which is highly valued by Google and search engines. If you had a blog to your microsite, then this will increase your SEO value even more.


Let us design and build your new microsite…

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